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Auntie Mame  Screenplay:
Act One

As described in Chapter 14, my services were engaged to write a new screen adaptation of Auntie Mame based on Patrick Dennis's novel. I spent a year developing a strong story treatment, which was picked up by a major studio; when I remained unpaid 66 weeks after that, having gone bankrupt and going hungry after so many years of financial deprivation (Chapters 1-13), I walked off of the project. I'd had enough. I wrote this Act One in an effort to hurry my payment along.


Pamela's Poems

I consider this scene from Head Over Heels to be some of my funniest writing (on which I improved in my revision above). It's followed by Carmel Dean's scorching arrangement of the Go-Go's "Automatic Rainy Day" - which was irrationally cut by Michael Mayer to be replaced by a far less satisfying arrangement by his agency buddy. In the scene, Princess Pamela attempts to depict her perfect lover in verse.

Stage Notes: Jeff Whitty on Head Over Heels

On June 1, 2015, I was as exhausted as I've ever been, having spent all of my waking hours revising as I prepared to go into my first preview of Head Over Heels - without a director in the house. I remain calm and collected as I speak to volunteers about the show, two hours prior to curtain.

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